jeudi 8 janvier 2015

WIPocalypse 2015 - January

After a long hiatus of almost 2 years and a previous attempt at WIPocalypse in 2013, I take my needle again and clear the table for some serious crafting free time!

For January, we are asked to introduce ourselves. I'm Catherine Michelle from Quebec. I'm francophone, so please be patient with my English writing! In fact, I find this WIPocalyspe project a good opportunity to improve my skills. 

I'm the mother of the most beautiful little princess ever (I'm totally objective" and "not" partial at all!) and a physicist specialized in medical imaging and radiation detection by trade. I mostly like activities around the house like crafting, cooking, gardening but you can find me late at night in the backyard with my telescope, studying the stars.

My crafting goals for 2015 are to:

1) finish Noah Submarine
2) stitch TW Peacock Majesty
3) start TW Peacock Tapestry
4) prepare in advance for DD, nieces and nephews birthdays and Christmas gifts - sew/knit toys
5) prepare in advance for my parents and favorite aunt birthdays and Christmas gifts (stitched ornaments)
6) finish my winter coat (sewing)
7) learn to sew a state of the art jeans jacket
8) learn to sew state of the art jeans pants

For January, I would like to :
1) Finish my winter coat (sewing project)
2) Finish TW Dragon Rampant
3) Prepare sampler examples for embroidery class
4) Make progress on DD sweater (knitting project)
5) Sew two "flanallette" (flannel) pyjamas for DD

As this blogpost is sadly lacking pictures, here is Teresa Wentzler Dragon Rampant as it was about a week ago. Much progress has been made since then and I hope to finish it by Sunday. 

Title : Dragon Rampant
Designer : Teresa Wentzler
Fabric : Lugana Antique White 28 counts
Threads : DMC and Kreinik
Size : 60W X 60H
Time : Close to 20 hours

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  1. Looks like you enjoy Teresa Wentzler pieces. I have quite a few of hers in my stash. I have just not gotten brave enough to start. I look forward to watching your progress.